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Eskapo Verde is finished!

After years of work, Eskapo Verde is finally complete! Well, it’ll never *really* be finished since we have a stream of ideas for improving the resort, but major construction is now all done :).

We have four cottages and four 10-bed dormitories so you will be able to find somewhere to stay within your budget and soon we’ll be adding Laser-class sailing dinghies so you’ll be able to explore further afield in Badian Bay.

Outreach basketball clinic: Bugas, 2 June 2019

#EskapoVerde is keen to build bridges with and within our local community. As another strand to our outreach ideas, one of our Directors, Albert Mariter Alocillo who is a well-known regional basketball coach, ran a short basketball clinic together with two of his players from the US – Stephon Patrick (New York) and Anthony Winningham (Kansas City), thank you guys for your assistance and support. This was a rehersal for a more ambitious effort planned for the end of June involving 60 boys and girls: basketball, volleyball, swimming, sea kayaking, mangrove exploration and environmental education. The tourism operators in Barangay Bugas and the SK are all assisting by providing facilities with the aim of improving the quality of life of our younger brethren.

After the clinic, the participants all helped to clean up the area of the community stage. We collected four sacks of plastic rubbish and the whole area looks much tidier now.

Introduction to the training
Introduction to the training


Demonstration . . . .
Demonstration . . . .


Clinic attendees
Clinic attendees awards 2018, Eskapo Verde rates 9.5/10

2018 has been the first full year of operation for #EskapoVerde; we didn’t know that platform gives out certificates for our review rating at the end of the year so we were quite surprised to receive a certificate from them through the post the other day.

Just so that you know, the review score is based on the average score of all guest reviews over the year and is out of 10. We scored 9.5 which ranks us at number 8 of all the properties listed on in the whole of Cebu province and – particularly pleasing! – number 1 in Badian & Moalboal area. Scored categories are: cleanliness, comfort, staff, location, facilities and value for money.

Well done team and thank you to everyone who submitted a review for us after their stay! We’re happy to have pleased (almost) everyone and we will keep working to improve further in the months and years to come. #GuestsLoveUs.

The Eskapo Verde team: l-r: Raffy, Ging Ging, Jemart, Viamae, Pedong, Aiken (reception), Andres, Fred (restaurant manager), Demar (watersports manager), Clyde & Mildred (housekeeping manager). Missing: Mercy.

Old clothes donations

It’s been a while since out last update however we have not been sitting still . . . our cottages are progressing well and two should be ready for the New Year. Crossed fingers, pressed thumbs, weather and other factors permitting :).

However we especially wanted to mention that we are now collecting old or unwanted clothes in reasonable condition from guests for donation to deserving cases in the barangay. We are working with the SK in Bugas to identify those in need so please, when you leave if you find you are dragging too many clothes around with you, we will happily relieve you of them, clean them and pass them on to those who would most appreciate them. We have a couple of bags so far and hope that as the tourist season comes around again many more will take the change to update their wardrobe and help others!

Many thanks to those who have contributed already and those who will . . . .

Swimming in a fresh water spring


We were out exploring the other day and followed the mangroves to Bugas Bridge. It was very interesting to paddle under the road and then follow the stream further up. After about 10 minutes we got to Inburnal Spring, a fresh water pool. Jumping out of the kayaks and swimming around in the cool water was invigorating!

Every new thing we see reminds us how beautiful our world is…especially when we can escape from the influence of man. Sometimes all it takes is 10 minutes….

Paddling through the mangroves . . . .

Last Saturday we had a high tide in the afternoon. Since my kayak has just been delivered I thought it would be a nice escape to unwrap it and get the thing in the water. Lots of sweat and plastic wrap later, my pretty green and yellow kayak was floating sweetly by the skeleton of our pier. Of course since there are no photos it never happened, but *if* it had, I can assure you what the scenery around the resort is beautiful. Floating through the shady mangroves: clear water, branches reaching around me and only a few birds to disturb the peace :). I spent a couple of hours exploring the neighbouring island and some of the channels around us, the wreck that’s beached a few metres from us and then home for a well-earn beer. Life is good!

We plan to start installing the decking next week which will make getting our kayaks and paddle boards into the water much easier. It’ll very soon be great to come and explore for yourselves . . . . Photos next time!

Visit of USPF Panthers

USPF Panthers came to Moalboal yesterday to play in an exhibition match against CIT Moalboal. Before the game we were very pleased to welcome the whole Panthers squad to Eskapo Verde, to show them around and to explain the facilities we will be offering them and other sports teams and groups “Real Soon Now”! They were delighted to see the kayaks and paddle boards – for the moment tucked away under the dorms instead of in the water :). However the storage area is close to being ready and the supports for the pier are in place. Next steps there are the platform to link the pier to the shore and then the decking so that we can actually use it :).

And in case you were wondering, the Panthers won 83-67 against CIT, both teams working hard and producing an exciting game with lots of back-and-forth.