Old clothes donations

It’s been a while since out last update however we have not been sitting still . . . our cottages are progressing well and two should be ready for the New Year. Crossed fingers, pressed thumbs, weather and other factors permitting :).

However we especially wanted to mention that we are now collecting old or unwanted clothes in reasonable condition from guests for donation to deserving cases in the barangay. We are working with the SK in Bugas to identify those in need so please, when you leave if you find you are dragging too many clothes around with you, we will happily relieve you of them, clean them and pass them on to those who would most appreciate them. We have a couple of bags so far and hope that as the tourist season comes around again many more will take the change to update their wardrobe and help others!

Many thanks to those who have contributed already and those who will . . . .