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General points about the resort

Paddling through the mangroves . . . .

Last Saturday we had a high tide in the afternoon. Since my kayak has just been delivered I thought it would be a nice escape to unwrap it and get the thing in the water. Lots of sweat and plastic wrap later, my pretty green and yellow kayak was floating sweetly by the skeleton of our pier. Of course since there are no photos it never happened, but *if* it had, I can assure you what the scenery around the resort is beautiful. Floating through the shady mangroves: clear water, branches reaching around me and only a few birds to disturb the peace :). I spent a couple of hours exploring the neighbouring island and some of the channels around us, the wreck that’s beached a few metres from us and then home for a well-earn beer. Life is good!

We plan to start installing the decking next week which will make getting our kayaks and paddle boards into the water much easier. It’ll very soon be great to come and explore for yourselves . . . . Photos next time!