The first of our cottages is ready!

After lots and lots of work and thought and sweat, the first of our four cottages are ready to rent :). Until the other cottages are ready, we will be offering a “construction discount” since there will be a small amount of activity in the area of the cottages for a while. However all the heavy stuff on the remaining three is done and the activity will just be a few of our guys doing light work. You can see the detailed photos on but here are some tasters:

Cost of the cottage is 2,500 per night – double or twin beds, a private balcony and bathroom with hot showers – and of course our normal resort advantages: an excellent restaurant with delicious Filipino dishes and wonderful desserts, happy, cheerful & professional staff, peace and quiet almost all the time, lovely sunrise and sunset views, mangrove exploration, environmentally friendly, sustainable development . . . . What more could you want? 🙂

Mail us, use our online system, go through or Airbnb to experience the delights of Eskapo for yourself!