What sort of food do you have in your restaurant?

We specialise in Filipino dishes, many with a slight “Eskapo twist” :). We also have Asian dishes, vegetarian and vegan dishes and of course burgers and French fries for those that can’t live without! Our mashed potato is second to none . . . so simple to do right but so easy to get wrong! Of course we bake our own bread. All our dishes are made fresh when you order.

We use no MSG in our kitchen and reduce salt and sugar to encourage a healthier diet for all. Even our humba (special order only, sorry) is tweaked to reduce the delicious unhealthiness 🙂

Our desserts must be mentioned: our halo-halo is very popular and we have some excellent variations on local ideas. By special order we can make old favourites like biko, maja blanca and fresh siopao with different fillings.

You can find our full menu for download in the Downloads section of the web site and also on our Facebook page.