How to get to Montpellier or Cambais Falls, Alegria

From Eskapo Verde just jump on any Ceres bus heading for Bato or Samboan. The ride takes about 30 minutes, get off the bus about 1km south of Alegria at the Blue Innovation petrol station. There are many habal habal bikes there who will take you up to either falls. It’s about a 15 minute ride to the entrance of Montpellier Falls which is marked by a nice mural on a hut almost hanging off the side of the mountain :). Follow the path down. You will pass some people’s houses, just keep going. If you’re not sure ask anyone, the locals are very friendly and will be happy to point you in the right direction.

After about 15 minutes walk you’ll hear the falls and then see them. Currently (2024) Montpellier Falls are closed due to fallen trees blocking the path.

Montpellier Falls, Alegria
It looks like around a 30m drop, there is a large pool that is very suitable for swimming and you can climb up behind the falls for a great view through the falling water. And a hard-core head and shoulder massage as well! The best part? Only our family group was there on a Tuesday afternoon in March :).

Cambais Falls is around 15 minutes further up into the mountains. There is a municipal fee collection point, parking and guides available. The falls are a easy 15 minute walk from the parking through farm land along a grass or dirt path. The falls are on several levels and have a lovely cascade at the upper level. The whole area is shaded and there are some tables for picnicing, though no stalls or vendors :).