How can I get from the airport to the Cebu South Bus Terminal?

You can take a taxi, either the ordinary white taxis, the more expensive yellow airport taxis or the very expensive limos. Just ask the driver for the Cebu South Bus Terminal. Cost will be between P300 and P1,000 depending on traffic and which type of taxi you get. Note that taxis in Cebu are generally safe, reliable and will use the meter. You can also get a Grab at their normal rates. The Grab station is close to the taxi rank

It is also possible to take a shuttle bus and there are two possibilities here:

  1. Get to the MyBus shuttle pickup close to domestic arrivals at Terminal 1. Due to never-ending construction this keeps moving but it is usually signposted! This bus leaves every 20 minutes from early morning to late evening. Check the exact times at the stand or Google “MyBus Cebu schedule”. Take this bus to SM City (P40) or onto the South Bus Terminal if it continues there by the time you read this. From SM City you can get a taxi to the South Bus Terminal which will be in the region of P120
  2. There is/was/maybe a shuttle service run by Sugbu Express that goes from Marina Mall on the main road that runs to Cebu City, it’s about 10 minutes walk from Terminal 1, 15 minutes from Terminal 2the airport to the South Bus Terminal. In theory this runs every hour but we’re not sure where from or how reliable this is! The fare is around P50 if you can find/catch this bus – if it still runs! Ask at the terminal, they may be able to give you current information

Note: if there is a long queue for taxis then waiting for the bus may be your quickest option as well as cheapest! Likewise if there is heavy traffic the buses may be faster than a taxi.