Lighting, planning and practice

When we spend most of our time in the light, we sometimes forget how different things are in the dark. We spent a couple of hours on the project after dark last week to test our lighting layout. It was wonderful to sit in the restaurant with most of the lights in place (and off as well) and share a cold beer while enjoying a night sky that we don’t see that often, even close by in Panagsama. The stars were so thick it looked like a diamond carpet and even I could see the Plough (Big Dipper) and for the first time identify the North Star. Thanks Alain!

Steady progress for the last couple of weeks, including the mosquito netting on the underside of the dormitories, the final bits for the washrooms and showers and lots of painting for the pier supports before these are fitted. Hopefully we should be able to start assembling and laying them out on Thursday. We are also working on replacing some of the bamboo posts on the Boardwalk with concrete for additional stability and reduced maintenance.

We have had the electricians in again and connected the first set of path lights and we have more sawdust and wood chips for our paths. We do need some signposts though, especially at night :). We are slowly recruiting members of our team – we’re happy with the people we’ve found so far; we think we have the basis of a strong team already.

Opening is getting closer though there is still some construction to do and of course an endless amount of administration!