Water and plumbing fixtures going in . . . .

Difficult to credit that it’s been a month since the last update – how time flies when you’re having fun :). So there have been quite a few changes this month.

  • We’ve moved most of the bodega (storage) from the middle of the project – convenient but space consuming and not pretty – to its longer-term location towards the other side of the island. A small working area will stay for another 2-3 months for work-in-progress. This gives us a big open space which we will fill with . . . something
  • We have the water fixtures for the first shower block and these will be installed in the next week or so. The pump and pressure tank is already done so it’s “just” making the connections :). The second block will learn from any issues we discover with the first!
  • The ceiling fans for the meeting room are done; we still need to position the lights but the sockets are in place
  • The first payag is almost finished and is a great spot to sit. The others will be even better!
  • The administration and paperwork is progressing slowly – always one more form needed though!
  • We wanted to be able to post some photos but as usual marrying up camera, people, weather and memory has been difficult. Maybe tomorrow :).